The Lover by Harold Pinter

The Lover is a 1962 play by Harold Pinter about a couple that spice up their marriage by pretending. He enacts the lover for her: while she enacts for him the whore. In the end the two aspects of their relationship, the domestic and the passionate, merge into one and role-playing games got out of hand, and they lead to unexpected conflict.

Premiered at Glej Theatre, Slovenia. Supported by Slovenian Ministry of Culture.


Polona Juh
Gregor Bakovic
Creative team:
Set Design: Damjan Cavazza
Costume Design: Luka Zan
Sound Design: Jasmin Sahinpasic
Lighting Design: Igor Remeta


The first Slovene staging of ‘Lover’ is interesting for more than one reason… the young director guides actors with a subtle sense for Pinteresque mixture of the absurd and realism – and quite gently at that, with a fine flair for detail and balance.  (Ameila Kraigher)

 All this is revealed by a careful staging, full of stylistic and often witty subtleties. The result is a production that is analytical, with disciplined performance of the actors and a Pinteresquely bizarre comment on the stability of a respectable marriage behind its walls. (Delo, Primoz Jasenko)