Tatchell by Jonathan Bonfiglio

Premiered at Old Fire Station Theatre ,Oxford
Part of Oxford Fringe Festival 2010
Creative Team:
Lucy Roslyn Hunt
Dominic Lindesay-Bethune
Sound designer: Nicholas Hutson
Lighting designer: Roland Glasser
Set designer:Maja Milatovic-Ovadia
Producer: Equinox Drama/Jonathan Bonfiglio
This one-hour play about memory and the tension between the present and what-could-be, unfolds a feast of ideas and arguments. The dialogue ebbs and sways like real conversation, here one moment and years ago the next….The idea is creative, never forced and makes for a piece that is tight with tension. (Adam Smith,LondonSE1)
 This is a challenging and intense drama. The play ranges over diverse themes such as heroes, memories and images, as well as politics and personal relationships. (Peter Brown, London Theatre Guide)