Product Medea 4.0

The character of Medea is transported from ancient myth into a modern corporate world where her tragedy is repackaged by a marketing company and sold to the highest bidder.  Medea takes part in this commercial event believing she will be able to deliver her own testimony.   However the opportunistic company spins her tragedy for mass entertainment and maximum gain.

The Cock Tavern Theatre/Roundhouse Theatre, London

Laura Pradelska
Victoria Grove
Nikki Squire
Konstantinos Kavakiotis / Ishai Jacob
Jo Faith
Alexandra Thoros
Creative team:
Set/ Tereza Merlini
Costume/ Ramon Pons Casadevall
Composer/ James Palmer
Lighting/ Roland Glasser

Review extracts

The production is tightly directed by Maja Milatovic-Ovadia … Product Medea.4.0 has all the best components of theatre. Along with the drama of hard sell and the pathos of its central character, there are also some very funny lines. This is probably the best hour of theatre you can invest in all week. (UK Theatre, Oliver Valentine)

Stimulating and clever experiment that weaves the contemporary and the ancient together in unexpected ways … The glory of the murderer-to-victim transformation staging should go mainly to Maja Milatovic-Ovadia’s directing … it deserves high praise. (Culture Ward, Giulia Merlo)

The scene in which the calm and poised business women hold Medea down and, with little smiles and firm hands, strip her of her gown and jewellery feels as violating as a rape. (Colette Gunn-Graffy, Extra! Extra!)