The Moonflower is a fusion of contemporary opera, theatre, circus and video art, inspired by the lives of two remarkable figures: Margaret Mee, a British botanist and artist explorer, and Chico Mendes, a Brazilian rubber tapper, environmentalist and activist. Margaret and Chico meet as spirits in the afterlife. Their love of the Amazon rainforest inspires a journey full of magic and mysticism, but also of human struggle, love, greed, and above all, the undying nature of the human spirit. Deep in the flooded forest we re-discover the Moonflower, or the Queen of the Night. She opens once in a blue moon and dies with the first morning star. Her life is short but so precious and beautiful it is worth fighting for. The Moonflower is the leitmotif, holding the whole piece together.

Tête à Tête: Opera Festival 2011, Riverside Studios, London. Supported by Brazilian Embassy in London.

Photos – Trailer – Video

Maya Sapone
Rhiannon Llewellyn
Georgia Knower
Simon Lobelson
Oliver Brignall
Laura Harling
Braz Henrique
Aerial Strap Artis
Jesús Capel
Creative team:
Music by Mario Ferraro
Libretto by Eva Daníčková
Conductor: Andrew Morley
Video Designer: Mafalda Cruz
Costume designer: Lucía Conejero Rodilla and Mariona Sala de Buen
Lighting Designer: Ricardo Gomes
Producer: Boii Thetre