Kafka’s Dick by Alan Bennett

Franc Kafka finds himself resurrected in 1986 English suburbia, discovering that his private parts have become public property, that max Brod haven’t burned his work and that his father has something to discus with him. It is a surreal comedy that uncovers some of the basic postulates of postmodern society: relativism, narcissism, society where gossips passes for culture, fascination yellow press and importance of circulations of information.

Premiered at the National Theatre in Belgrade.


Zoran Cosic
Predrag Tasovac
Radovan Miljanic
Branko Jerinic
Sonja Neimarevic,
Branko Vidakovic
Creative team:
Set design: Maja Milatovic / Aleksandra Zdravkovic
Costume design: Ljiljana Orlic
Composer: Ivan Antic
Choreographer: Tamara Ivanovic


The director has proven to be resourceful. She has the knowledge, the confidence, can be persuasive in her work with actors and creates a very convincing whole. (Politika, Hadzi Petar Volk)

 Unlike many of fellow directors in her peer group, the show demonstrates this director’s interest in addressing issues with certain intellectual ambitions as well. (Blic, Ksenija Radulovic)