Gagarin Way by Gregory Burke

Gregory Burke: : “I wanted to write something about the twentieth century, and about the economy, and about men. And that turned out to be Gagarin Way. A comedy. I wasn’t expecting that, but when you consider the themes—Marxist and Hegelian theories of history, anarchism, psychopathology, existentialism, mental illness, political terrorism, nihilism, globalization, and the crisis in masculinity—then it really couldn’t be anything else.’”

Premiered at Bitef Theatre, Belgrade.  



Marinko Madzgalj

Branislav Trifunovic

Miljan Prljeta

Milan Lane Gutovic

Creative Team:

Set & Costume designer: Maja Milatovic-Ovadia

Sound designer: Sam Lerner & M. Vladic

Lighting designer: Dragan Djurkovic

Producer: Bitef Theatre


Laughter and bitterness, Sartre and Women, hopes and fears, Marx and Engels – the work of the director Maja Milatovic Ovadia and the actors was by no means easy… The play, set in a very familiar microcosm of 20t century ideology and economy, along with contemporary actors’ solutions, results in an attractive show that poses some relevant questions. (Na Dlanu, Katarina Milovanovic)

The production of ‘Gagarin Way’ cynically portrays consequences of a deeply rooted despair which in turn is a result of an absolute helplessness in changing social relations, making it indisputably interesting and engaging…. Director Maja Milatovic Ovadia accurately and very concretely stages Burke’s play within a quite adequate framework of realism. (Politika, Ana Tasic)