Bukefal by Bosko Puletic

Premiered at National Theatre in Belgrade in 2003. 


Radovan Miljanic
Zoran Cosic
Danijela Tomovic
Creative Team:
Set Designer: Boris Maksimovic
Costume designer: Ljiljana Orlic
Composer: Petar Antonic
Lighting designer: Srdjan Micevic


The main characteristic of directorial interpretation of this play lies in its skilful investigation of the philosophical discourse, delivered through deliberately heightened performances, and thus creating the relentless tension between the emotional and historical. (Blic, Zeljko Jovanovic)

The play deals with an attempt to reach for eternity in order to give human existence the meaning. The careful and devoted direction of Maja Milatovic reveals another intriguing detail: that human need to face their childhood authorities and ask for approval and recognition, regardless of how successful their life might be.[..] The show is now running for five seasons, due to a popular demand. (Novosti, M.P.)